Compliance Audit

The purpose of the Compliance Audit is to ensure the Institute’s compliance with Board of Regents (BOR) policies, laws and regulations. Some examples of regulations are Uniform Guidance, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Audits are conducted on an annual basis and results may be reviewed by external entities, such as Department of Administrative Services, Department of Defense and BOR.

Information Systems Audit

The Information Systems Audit is an examination of the general information technology controls within an Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. The examination assesses Georgia Tech critical systems, technology architecture and processes to ensure information assets are protected, reliable, available and compliant with applicable policies, laws and regulations.

Financial and Operational Controls Audit

The objective of the Financial and Operational Audit is to provide management with an independent appraisal of an area, department, or functional operation's internal controls. We will advise on control weaknesses and opportunities for improvement to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of operations.  The audit is scheduled based on the results of a collaborative risk assessment designed to be comprehensive in scope.