A. International Students

Objective:  To assess the strength of procedures in place within the unit to ensure that student employees within the unit are in compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, Public Law 99-603, and amendments thereto.  

Criteria:  Regulations of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service) impose certain record-keeping and reporting requirements on Institutes who enroll non USA citizens or enroll and provide employment to non USA citizens, or non-resident aliens.  

At Georgia Tech, Admissions is responsible for issuing the I-20 Form (Certificate of Eligibility) for non-working students.  Office of International Education is responsible for the IAP-66 Form (based on a request from the sponsoring organization) for a working student.  Either form enables a student of another country to obtain a non-immigrant status visa, F-1 visa status for the non-working student and J-1 for the working student and an entry permit I-94 Form.  The Office of International Education also represents the Institute in providing copies of I-94 Forms, passports and other documentation required by Immigration and Naturalization Services for non-USA students.  The Office of Human Resources is responsible for having all employees complete the I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification, which documents a working students' citizenship. 

Risk:  If the unit does not ensure that its students and student employees have maintained required documentation and complied with reporting requirements for non-resident alien students, it could subject the Institute to fines and penalties imposed by the federal government, jeopardize the student’s ability to pursue his/her academics, as well as increase the risk of adverse publicity for the Institute.